Sunday, October 09, 2005


Here a bunch of mp3's from a variety of bands. Some of them have been around for awhile and some of them are just starting out. Think of it like the Frito-Lays Snack Pack you get with Doritos, Cheetos, Ruffles and Fritos - all the good stuff and not too much of just one!

These guys are new and out of the U.K. Journalists are saying these guys will be bigger than OASIS! U.K. fans and the press are going bonkers for these guys but from what I have heard, I don't see them breaking into the US very easily and gettng on the radio since they rock like the Libertines (who really didn't take off here) and lack the hooks and harmonies like Oasis had. Nonetheless, here is a good track from them.
MP3 - A Certain RomanceEXPIRED

Another UK band getting a lot of attention. I first heard of them after they did a cover (a good one at that) of Bloc Party's "Pioneers". Overall, they have a good sound and range from lovey-dovey slow ballads like "Ageless" to shout out sing alongs like "Zoo Time" and "Alas Agnes".
MP3 - Alas AgnesEXPIRED
MP3 - Bloc Party Cover - PioneersEXPIRED

These guys were discovered and signed by Isaac Brock, lead singer of Modest Mouse, who also does A&R work for Sub Pop. They are a 4 piece indie band from Montreal, Canada and I would say they have some MM sounds in them with some extra distinctiveness tossed in there. Kind of hard for me to put a finger on the sound but I picked the 2 best songs I heard:
MP3 - I'll Believe in AnythingEXPIRED
MP3 - Dear Sons and DaughtersEXPIRED

I found this mp3 on one of the blogs I frequent and can't get rid of it. I listened to a couple songs by this band but keep coming back to this one. The guitar line that rolls slowly in, rocks out in the middle and then rolls you back out is unforgettable and will have you playing it over and over again in your head!

I first heard the song "Cartwheels" on a O.C. mix CD and I thought to myself, "This singer sounds like the guy from Snow Patrol..." Well, after some research, I discovered that the Reindeer Section is the band Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol put together spontaneously after a drunken gig, asking a variety of people from other bands to join him. They toured briefly and recorded 2 CDs I think, but not sure if they will come back or not.
MP3 - CartwheelsEXPIRED
MP3 - Will You Please Be There For MeEXPIRED

I know, I know. These guys have been around forever and I gave them a shot before but couldn't get into it. However, my good friend, MikeBarn of FarmBarn Studios, Farmbarn Art Co., INSISTED that I listen to their entire album, Emblems, a few solid times before making a decision. Finally I did and I really like what I hear. These guys are nice and mellow and will sit nicely on the bookshelf next to Death Cab and others.
MP3 - Bring on the EndingEXPIRED


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