Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Say what!?

I saw this footnote on Indie Blog Heaven today after a Postal Service post....BTW, the new Postal Service album, Dumb Luck drops April 24th.

WHAT!? That just sort of slipped out. Good news though I guess.

***UPDATE: Well darn. Thanks to reader Samantha, it turns out the Dumb Luck release is actually a DNTEL album. Check HERE for the full story from Sub-Pop.

Monday, February 26, 2007


A pretty bad showing overall. Darn. Pretty much the only decent stuff below...


RAINN WILSON's Monologue

Friday, February 23, 2007

The MAGIC NUMBERS - Those the Brokes

The Magic Numbers have built on their self-titled first effort, pushing the envelope further for melodic rock and boy-girl group harmonies. You can't go wrong with the Magic Numbers in my book. Anyone looking for great verses, a soundtrack to fall in love to or something to get their butts moving need look no further.

The Magic Numbers - This is a Song
The Magic Numbers - Let Somebody In

Those The Brokes was released in the UK back in Nov of 2006 and it looks like it had a Feb 20th release date here in the States but Amazon only lists imports available. Nonetheless, you can buy a version of it HERE.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

KINGS of LEON - Because of the Times

'Knocked Up' a sick, 7 minute intro song combined with the nasty, scattered guitar of 'McFearless' make the new Kings of Leon album, Because of the Times KILLER. The boys have definitely developed in their off time for a much more aggressive sound that gets darker and pretty fierce at times.

Knocked Up

Pre-Order Because of the Times HERE, due out April 5th, 2007.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Playful and cute yet mature and different. Those are the words I would use to describe Darla Rose, the first premiere from label The Modern Mega State. A 21 year old East Village performer and writer who plays the autoharp, Darla Rose fills her music with "bubbly nostalgia and ...infectious melody".

Number One
I Tried

Check out Darla Rose's MySpace to stream another and arguably better track.

***UPDATE***: the links I was passed were MySpace links and don't appear to be working. HOWEVER, if you go to her Mysapce page, you can download all the songs there.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


All singer-folk-songwriter, a little James Taylor and Bob Dylan, a little Jack Johnson makes Vandaveer. Dig those New Orleans gypsy horns on 'Marianne, You've Done It Now' and the very folk influenced, 70's sounds on 'However Many It Takes'. Quite a variety of sounds here.

However Many It Takes
Marianne, You've Done It Now


For fans of Bloc Party and the Voom Blooms. Rough guitars that sound straight out of Russell Lissack's portfolio and shouty lyrics that feel like they are burning through all the gas of the song.
Handshake Heart Attack

The Photo Atlas MySpace


I cannot WAIT til this show goes LEGIT on MTV. Aziz Ansari, Paul Sheer and more guys from VH1's Best Week Ever take on Criss Angel/David Blane's street magic and goth attitudes and make it DAMN FUNNY. My favorites are the lighting they emit from their hands and 'TELEPORT'!


***UPDATE***: Officially, the Human Giant show begins on MTV April 5th @ 10:30PM.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Stereogum and I Guess I'm Floating have both posted on a new free software, Peel. Peel scours the blogs you subscribe to for any mp3's posted and downloads them all into a friendly iTunes interface. You can stream the songs, download if you like it and also check out the bloated reviews everyone writes.

I can only hope that this will alleviate the task of using my lunch hour to go through all my blogs to see what is new out there. The word is it will cost $14.95 soon so get it while it's free.


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Unfortunately, the gist of the show with Forrest Whitaker sucked.


Saturday, February 10, 2007


I got into this movie BIG TIME and it pretty much defines my freshman year of college. The music, the visuals, everything. The Romeo & Juliet soundtrack introduced me to one of my favorite Radiohead tracks, Talk Show Host and also began a long relationship with the band, the Cardigans. I loved the soundtrack so much I went out and bought the second soundtrack they released which consisted of a lot of the score plus other tidbits.

As luck/irony/time would have it, the director Baz Luhrman is releasing a 10th ANNIVERSARY soundtrack that includes all the originals that made it great plus a few new tracks. Stream the old favorites below plus Baz Luhrman's new track, Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)


Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Cardigans - Love Fool

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Man, I am like a kid on Christmas Day!!!

Following the recent release of Bloc Party's A Weekend in the City, we are now inundated with a SLEW of B-Sides. According to Blog Party and Wikipedia, these are what is out there as of now...

We Were Lovers (Japanese Edition)
England (Japanese Edition)
Cain Said To Abel (iTunes US only)
Atonement (iTunes US pre-order only)
I Still Remember [Video] (iTunes download only)
The Prayer (Does it Offend You, Yeah? remix) (iTunes UK only)
Version 2.0 (Best Buy version only)
Emma Kate's Accident (Best Buy version only)
Secrets (Canadian version & Target version only)
The Once And Future King (Canadian version & Target version only)
Rhododendron (eMusic US only)
Selfish Son (Napster and Rhapsody)
Vision Of Heaven (Free Purevolume exclusive)

Here are a few places you can find them at the moment...
*Download Vision of Heaven FOR FREE at
*Neiles Life is offering up Version 2.0, Emma Kate's Accident, Secret and Once And Future King.
*And, uh...check HERE and HERE!

I was able to get my hands on all of them BUT Selfish Son. Please, if anyone has it, please leave a link in comments!

Monday, February 05, 2007


First and foremost, our new crush who performed: LILY ALLEN


JOJO the VALET: probably my favorite of the night. Amy Poehler as a dude is good especially JoJo talking to himself and getting psyched up.

BODY FUSION: a SNL digital short with Drew and the girl cast making a 80's workout video. I think I appreciate this more for the replciation of bad VCR tapes than anything.

The DAKOTA FANNING SHOW: Amy Poehler as Dakota Fanning and Drew Barrymore as Abigal Breslin from 'Little Miss Sunshine' going head to head over their talents and Oscar nominations.

There was a American Idol opening and a job interview skit she did that I thought was funny that aren't on YouTube. I will post them if they appear.

Friday, February 02, 2007


I have been checking out "the FADER for a few months now. I first actually heard of them through their podcast they have available on iTunes and they are the first place I heard Peter Bjorn & John's "Young Folks" and became addicted. If you subscribe to the podcast you also get a FREE PDF of the magazine every issue. For a designer like myself, it is pretty cool to flip through and read the stories but also appreciate the design.

Check out the recent issue and podcast HERE. This issue features Nas, "Where Are They Now" as well as The Good, the Bad and the Queen, "Kingdom Of Doom"


One of my top bands of 2006, The Elected has a session up at Daytrotter. From what I have heard, it is a pretty stripped back, acoustic set.

Setlist as follows with Daytrotter descriptions:
Would You Come With Me
...this song was recorded first...and. set the tone for what was to come next. The band was in fine mode and Sennett seemed to be feeling the songs all over again. The way he whispers “leave right now” gets me every time.

Fireflies in a Steel Mill
Disappearing ink and gold teeth come into play. There’s also a little sexual friskiness with the linens wiped from the bed and onto the floor, where they lie fresh-pressed.

Bank and Trust
It makes me wonder who told him his songs suck. Why the fuck did that? I feel my temper rise each and every time he sings that line.

Not Going Home
At once confused and certain. It’s about wandering and finding home in a lot of places.
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