Saturday, November 26, 2005


THE BAND: The Spinto story started back in 1996 when Nick Krill found some songs in the attic penned on the back of Cracker Jack boxes by his grandfather, guitar player Roy Spinto. Those lyrics inspired Nick and 6 of his high school friends to form The Spinto Band penning their own songs that the Philadelphia Weekly calls "...unlikely beauties somewhere between Pavement, Yo La Tengo and the Flaming Lips."

THE SOUND: I have read that the Spinto Band sounds like a more talented Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to a early Architecture in Helsinki (both bands profiled here earlier). While I can hear the lead singer doing the David Byrne thing and the overall variety in instruments and vocals sounding like AinH, the Spinto Band sond like freshly produced pop music that the O.C. or any other teenage drama has lined up for their next soundtrack. "Oh Mandy" even name checks the WB just ASKING for some air time. "Oh Mandy" is a sweet ballad that dreamily moves along as the singer gushes about his Mandy while "Crack the Whip" rocks like a Strokes track with more Beach Boy harmonizing and xylophone. If the college kids catch on (as well as the bloggers) and get the word of mouth pumping, these guys will take off. BUY their latest, Nice and Nicely Done

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