Friday, February 24, 2006

NEWS: the Test Icicles split

Word leaked last fall that, a month after their debut release, Test Icicles split. Now we have official word from the band (apostrphe's left out because they made the code all whack):
"Hmm, well, I not really sure how to explain this, but I gather from the comments that have been left on our myspace page over the last twenty-four hours that you all know that our group, band, project or whateveryawannacallit is going to split up.

Ive just spent the last hour writing a dissertation about what our band is/was/intended-to-be and have twisted my brain inside out trying to explain the chaos, dilemmas and confusion that has engulfed this band in the past 18months, Im not even sure I understand what has happened to us let alone trying to explain it to someone else. We started this band in August 2004, our only intention was to have bit of fun, to play a few shows, cause some trouble and to split up shortly afterwards, the fact of the matter is that we played our 5millionth gig the other day after a year of multiple tours and were sick, tired and miserable, and to put it simply, it just isnt fun anymore and hasnt been for a very long time, so weve decided its time to find something that does make us happy because unfortunately this isnt it.

The original plan was to play a UK tour, European Tour and American Tour all in succession, finishing up with our final 5 shows around the UK in April.

I think we always suspected that at some point during this three month period of constant touring that something would go wrong and unfortunately that time came after the final show of our European tour in St. Malo last week, Im not say who it was who snapped or in what circumstance but it had been a long time coming and I was almost relieved when it actually happened.

Im really sorry to anyone who was looking forward to seeing us playing at that NME show or catching us on tour in the US, I hope that anyone who bought a ticket manages to get their money back without too much hassle. I wouldve loved to have toured the US, but in our current state of disrepair it was never going to happen and if we did try and make it happen it probably would have led to something much worse happening and the three of us disappearing somewhere near Utah never to be seen again, or something like that, so unfortunately the US tour wasn’t to be. We will however play our final shows in April, thatll give us some time to sort our heads out and hopefully we can all have a week long ‘fuck the Test Icicles’ party together ? should be a good way to kill us off I think, bring your shovels and well bury Test Icicles once and for all.

Ok, well, I dont really know what else to say other than thanks to anyone who invested their time, money and effort into this band, i.e. the people who bought our records and came to see us play, I know it probably doesnt always seem like it, but we do appreciate it.

With a bit of luck the next projects that we undertake, whether they be comic books, Nobel prize winning scientific discoveries or, who knows, maybe just maybe another band, will be better than Test Icicles and youll look back and be glad we split up ?

For the time being I’m going to grow a beard, move to the forest and work on my hillbilly-psych-out-jams and we’ll see you in April, clean shaven and ready to fuck some shit up for the last time as Test Icicles!!!!

Take care of your badass-mudda-fuggin-selves, Luurve,
Raaaaaary Decihells / Aggwelt / Atwell


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