Tuesday, August 01, 2006


So, I am finally back from the big NYC road trip A) with my family to see B) my sister as well as take C)my friend Greg as well as D) see BLOC PARTY. All in all, a crazy trip. In my opinion, it is nuts to take a 2 year old to New York in the middle of the summer and 90 degree temps when all he wans to do is run rampant in the streets and dodge taxis. New Yorkers who do this daily, I salute you. I think all future trips will be in April or October, for starters.

The concert was pretty damn AWESOME. Not knowing a single thing about McCarren Pool, Brooklyn or traveling out there, it was pretty easy to get to and the venue was really cool. A abandoned pool fer cryin' out loud, how can you not love that. If you read any of the links below (Brooklyn Vegan, etc.), you will see a lot of people complain about the venue (I don't get it) as well as the LONG ASS LINES for beer. We attempted once to get beers but there was a line first to get ID'd and buy beer tickets and then a separate line to redeeem said beer ticket! B.S.! So, we opted for the $3 water instead.

Mew was good but I went in only really knowing 2 songs and what I heard sounded OK.
Secret Machines rocked and we saw Ben Curtis milling about before his set. I was a HUGE fan of their first release and less of a fan of their sophomore album but they still had a good set. I would love to see them at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland.
Headliners BLOC PARTY brought it just like I expected. 2 new songs, Waiting for the 7.18 (which I liked) and Hunting For Witches (which Greg liked) as well as all but 2 or 3 songs from Silent Alarm. Of course it would have been great to stay for another hour with the band - acoustic, B-Sides, new stuff - BRING IT! Unfortunately, there was a curfew and we had to follow the indie hipsters back to the subway and head home. I was very happy with the show and would definitely look forward to traveling to see them elsewhere in the future.

Some DAMN fine photos (like the one above) available at Baonguyen's flickr page. (I don't know how they got such sweet ass photos.)

Check THIS OUT for a ton of McCarran Pool pictures to get an idea of the venue.

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good things are a-brewin'.

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