Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I have had some free time today and have been reading through the HEROES comics online today. Thus far I can tell you that:

There is a new character, a girl named Hana. Her grandmother was a part of the resistance that fought Nazi's in WWII. Her mother was a fighter pilot in the Israel Armed Forces. One day, as a young child, she boards a bus with her Grandmother and Mother as they travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the bus becomes the first suicide attack. Grandmother and Mother die, leaving her behind to fulfill a legacy. Hana tries to enlist in the Paratroopers but everyone knows she is only full of vengeance and a potential disaster in the field. She excels at her desk job, breaking codes and busting up attack plans but is still unsatisfied. One night, while walking the perimeter, she is approached by a man with Horn Rimmed Glasses, hesitates too long and is knocked to the ground....

HRM guy tells her he will change her life and takes her to a secret facility where she is told she was hand picked to be a part of a secret operation. She is physically pushed above and beyond her limits and her brain is tested and she is given 'vitamins' to help. One day she has had enough and attacks HRM, wanting to know what is going on and why she he was just sent a text message that says, "When will she manifest?" HRM says his phone hasn't rang and suddenly it does with that message. In a instant, Hana sees billions of codes, emails and text messages flying around her and she realizes that she can find any code or secret out there and HRM knocks her out. She wakes up and is told by HRM that they haven't been able to get any emails in or out except ones with the word "Kadina". Without speaking, Hana text messages HRM the word means "attack" and he tells her she is ready to go.

There are supposed to be two more parts to her story before the show starts back.

The guys Nikki buried in the desert are DL's old crew. After he went to prison, she joined up with them but they had no idea she was related to DL apparently. She helped them do a heist, they pulled guns on her after they had the money so they wouldn't have to give her any, she killed them and buried them.

DL realized his powers after he was arrested for being a part of said heist Nikki was in and they found a gun in his house that matched the crime. DL was really upset with a detective questioning him and suddenly slipped out of his cuffs. Later in prison he learned how to turn his power on at will and slipped out.

Eden did kill herself before Sylar could get her power. Following that showdown, HRM glasses guy and the Haitian shot Sylar up with drugs to knock him out and the Haitian did his part.

Parkman, in an effort to clear his head of all the wacky thoughts he hears, hops in his patrol car and ends up chasing a suspect. He feels pretty confident in chasing him because he can hear the guys thoughts before he makes them so he knows his every move. Eventually he does catch him and is happy to put his 'guessing' and 'doubts' of every one and their thoughts to rest with this 'black and white', clear cut conviction.

Isaac had his first vision while shooting up before a gallery show. It was some large, blue, rock like creature with horns saying, "Isaac! What have you done!!!" He then goes to his show where everyone is very pleased with his work but some random blond girl comes up and punches him saying "How could you!" as she points to some painting of her getting hit head on by a city bus as she crosses a street. He says, "I don't even know you!" and she runs out the door as he chases after her. In the midst of the chase, she ios hit by the bus that he painted and his first vision/painting comes true.

Eden came from a very fugged up family. Drunk for a Dad, Step mom who hated her and blamed her for everything. She kept her mouth shut and blamed herself for everything that went wrong. Her Dad left and she was left a life of servitude under her Step mother, hoping that if she did a good job her Dad would be back. Time went by and she grew up, still in her life of work under Step mom. One day she was pushed to far by Step mom and Eden said, "I wish you would die." and there it was, her heart listened to Eden's command she died. Her Step mom's cigarette fell out of her mouth and eventually engulfed the house in flames and Eden took flight.

After one of Sylar's crimes in Chicago, he goes back to the scene of the crime to watch Audrey (Parkman's partner). Like a peeping tom, he stands in the crowd watching the police and she eventually sees him watching and gives chase. They both jump on top a speeding commuter train and jump off at a train station where she pulls her gun on him and fires. Oops, it is the wrong guy, a old man that Sylar had passed his coat and hat off to. Sylar is off again.

Peter is in the hospital following is collapse outside the police station following his vision of him blowing up NYC. He sees himself in a dream, not as the bad guy but of course, as the good guy, flying around with a suit and cape, stopping crimes. He finally brings the guy he is chasing to the ground and is told by the bad guy that he can't stop him and he can't change who he is - truly a bad guy.


Blogger soapboxhero said...

Thanks for the update on my new favorite show. I am excited for it to start again.

12:43 PM  
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