Sunday, January 28, 2007

NEWS: Neon Bible has leaked

You can pretty much find Arcade Fire's Neon Bible all over the net as of yesterday/today. I had hoped it would leak but I am surprised. You would think the hype around this would have kept it down or maybe the honor among everyone for AF would keep it quiet.....not so.

Two sites I found it on had this in the comment section, apparently from AF's manager:

"My name is Scott Rodger. I manage the Arcade Fire. Can I ask you to remove your link to the Arcade Fire album. Why? It’s just not cool.

I don’t get lawyers involved or our publishers and labels for stuff like this. I simply like to ask politely for it to be removed.
The band have worked hard for a year to make this album. They are very proud of it. They paid for it themselves. No label our outside corporate funding. Just their own hard earned cash.
The only way for them to get their investment back is by hopefully selling a few cd’s. It would be great if you, as a music fan, could possibly try and respect this.

When this album is released, it will be everywhere for free online and there really isn’t much we can do about that. Until that time, I’d like to ask for you to take down the link.

You’re lucky enough to have this album. Enjoy it, but don’t share it yet.

Thank you.

Scott Rodger"

I am still not sure where I stand on leaks and album downloading. I check out a lot of CDs pre-release and I am still weighing whether or not the public should have a opportunity to 'try the milk before buying the cow'. In a lot of ways, I think we should hear/see what we are buying before unloading the wallet. It can't easily be compared to a car (because that is a $20,00 investment instead of $10) but think of the test drives and market research you (should) do before buying a car. Should the same chance be given with music? A lot of our jobs we have to show that we can handle the task before someone pays us for it. Is the first album by a band the equivalent of showing a portfolio or seeing a business pitch? I don't know yet. Maybe I am just talking out of my ass.

Another perspective I recently heard on this is that the music industry for a long time got away with putting out crap. They would release a CD with 2 songs you wanted and 11 you didn't but you still ended up paying $14.99. For a long time, you the consumer got screwed and now we happened to find a way around that. We listen to the CD first and decide if the entire album is worth our $14.99, worth just a dollar for a single or worth nothing at all.

What do you think?

UPDATE: On the flipside of this, sites like AOL offer full CD previews so the option is out there to fully check out a CD before buying it. The difference being that they offer streaming of the album VS a download is portable and you can’t take it with you and listen to it when and where you can instead of being chained to the computer. In the end though, the stream stays online and you don't keep it whereas with the download, it is yours to keep and decide whether to pay up or not.


Blogger questmanagement said...

You cannot possibly compare downloading an entire album to test driving a car? that's just simply insane. that equates to taking the car home from the showroom and if you like it, keep it without paying for it or if you don't like it, not even bothering to return it.
you hear songs on teh radio, streamed online on the band's own webside, how many songs do you need to hear in order to feel that it may or may not be worth purchasing?

8:27 PM  
Blogger PILOT SCHMITT said...

What I was talking about was the investigation aspect of buying a car. You research it online, you read up on it, you drive it, etc. NOT stealing it off the lot and only going back to the dealership to pay for it if you like it.

9:38 AM  
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