Monday, October 30, 2006


If any of you check blogs regularly, you probably encounter the irregular hosting service known as EZ Archive. As that seems to be the mp3 hosting service of choice, you have inevitably known the bad links that come with it as well as the site being down for hours or days at a time with no mention as to why.

WELL, hopefully all that will be fixed soon. They are 'upgrading' and that requires the bloggers to re-register, re-post links, etc, etc. They said that audio files would play at a lower quality but I have yet to hear what that is. I made the transition at the end of last week and thought everything was running smoothly until I recently checked out the mp3 links and keep getting some foreign voice telling me "We're sorry. This account has been very popular today and has reached the maximum transfer amount allowed. Please check back tomorrow." WTF!?

I will be looking into this soon and either changing providers or upgrading.

UPDATE: Looking through the stable of blogs I check, it appears Ez Archive has screwed the entire cottage industry of blogging over and everyone is having a exodus of EZ and their new, 'upgraded', awful services. I am considering changing to these providers: zSHARE, FileDen, FileLodge and Hopefully I will find a service that allows direct linking instead of sites like YouSendIt that are great but you have to go to a extra site to download.

if ANYONE can make a suggestion on the above providers or a different one, please leave a comment.


I would like to say Thank You and Congratulations to BECK for his performance this past weekend on SNL. For the first time in a LONG time, I actually didn't fast forward through the musical act and watched both songs in their entirety. Beck and the band performed 'Nausea' and 'Clap Hands', not only with the fun marionettes on a side stage but also mixed up the performance to give each song a different, namely the band all playing percussion on dining ware for 'Clap Hands'.

Really a good showing and is making me want to go back to the new Beck album and check it out again. Too bad for you though. From what I Stereogum says, Interscope and NBC won't let it on You Tube. If it shows up though, I will definitely post.

Instead, enjoy Borat's marginally funny intro. I hope that movie is good. I love Borat but I heard the other day that it is not tracking well outside of NYC and LA and they dropped the screens it was running on from 1200 to 800.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

DAMIEN RICE - stream it at AOL

I have heard a few songs off the new album and I my first impression is that it is not up to par with O. Go to the link and click on 'Listen to 9 Crimes'.

Stream it here on AOL LINK FIXED


Like I said in the previous post, not a lot of new bands or full CDs are grabbing me these days. Instead, these are the HOT SINGLES (that's radio talk) out there right now.

JAY-Z Show Me What You Got
Hova is back! And like the man says in the song, "What you want me to do?! I'm sorry!" We all knew the guy couldn't stay away, beginning the comeback with Public Enemy/Wrexx n Effect horns and a sweet full band.
Show Me What You Got

RYAN ADAMS Look Who's Got A Website
I don't normally listen to Ryan Adams...but when he drops some sweet rhymes like this to take a break from recording, I am all over it. Combining his best Beastie Boys and 80's rap sound FX, this song keeps me laughing and singing through out the day. Listen to the lyrics: "This website's updated by witches!" (in a witch voice) AND "I sold 3 records and went balsa wood or something, in a place I'm not from." Crazy fun. "Kevin Costner - WTF!?"
Look Who's Got A Website

I think I was destined to find this song. That or it haunted me. I first heard it in GAP pushing my son around and the whistling stuck with me for the rest of the day. Then I heard it in a FADER podcast and got down to researching it. Turns out it belongs to this guy. Sign-up for the bopping intro percussion, stay for the addictive whistling.
Young Folks

Monday, October 23, 2006


... that I have been listening to A LOT of music lately...and I am not impressed by any of it. These titles include: the new Killers CD; the new Kooks CD; the new JET CD; the new Shins CD; the new Muse CD; and the new Beck CD I don't know if I am in a funk or what, but none of them lit a fire in me and made me want to post on them.

The best I have head lately is a few singles and I will be posting them here later tonight. Hopefully more good stuff is too come soon.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Apoligies that I have dragged my feet on this. I am home with my son tonight so a winner will be declared! Thanks for all who entered.


UPDATE: SOAPBOXHERO is the winner of the CD contest. Thanks to all who entered!

I wish I could fork out the cash and hook all of you up. Thanks for reading - glad to see some people do stop by. Hopefully we can have more contests like this down the road so stay tuned.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Again, don't forget the Marie Antoinette soundtrack contest we have going on. I WILL BE PICKING A WINNER WEDNESDAY so if you are interested in winning the 2-disc soundtrack, leave your email address in the comments of the attached post. I will probably throw the names out on the ground and have my son pick one - very scientific - so do enter.

And of course, don't forget Marie Antoinette hits theaters Oct. 20th!
Official site and trailer


HOWARD STERN Will Go Online Free for Two Days

WIRED's blog, Listening Post reports:

Mark your calendars, Howard Stern fans; you'll be able to hear the king of all media half of satellite radio, for free, October 24th and 25th on, as Sirius follows my advice (not literally, of course), launching a version of its service that uses the efficient Internet rather than expensive satellites to distribute its shows, called Sirius Internet Radio.

You will no longer have to pay for a satellite receiver/service in order to access Stern's show online, as well as all of their other programming. Despite its lack of satellite usage, the online-only version will cost the same as the satellite radio subscription -- $13 per month -- so Internet-only subscribers will be subsidizing satellite listeners to a certain extent.

At least they won't have to buy proprietary hardware in order to use it (unless Sirius start selling a specially branded computer for accessing their online stream). Kidding aside, this is a step in the right direction. It can only be a good thing that for the first time since 2005, you'll be able to hear the Howard Stern Show for free. *$&%(*^ yeah!

You can pre-register to listen to the shows here.

Friday, October 13, 2006


The blog Smudge of Ashen Fluff has Cold War Kids recent appearance on KCRW up for mp3 downloads. Get it while it's hot!

I am in the process of trying to download the entire show from Trader's Den but it is taking forever. Hopefully it will come through and I can get the interviews as well.

Cold War Kids on KCRW 10-11-2006

OR stream the show at They have a new site up as well since I was last there.

Band of Horses, Pinback Do Covers for "O.C."

Pitchfork reports...
On December 5, Warner Bros. will release the sixth in its series of companion soundtracks for the popular Fox television program "The O.C." Titled OC Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks, it features twelve acts of the "indie" persuasion covering twelve other acts, some of the "indie" persuasion and some not.

As previously reported, Lady Sovereign takes on the Sex Pistols' "Pretty Vacant", while Band of Horses do the New Year's "The End's Not Near", the M's do Clinic's "Come Into Our Room", Rogue Wave handle the Pixies' "Debaser", Pinback take a shot at Black Flag's "Wasted", Mates of State confront "The O.C." theme song, Phantom Planet's "California", and a bunch of other bands destined to fill future record store bargain bins do some other stuff.

01 Goldspot - "Float On" (Modest Mouse)
02 Rock Kills Kid - "I Turn My Camera On" (Spoon)
03 Lady Sovereign - "Pretty Vacant" (The Sex Pistols)
04 Mates of State - "California" (Phantom Planet)
05 Pinback - "Wasted" (Black Flag)
06 John Paul White - "Can't Get It out of My Head" (ELO)
07 Rogue Wave - "Debaser" (The Pixies)
08 Syd Matters "Hello Sunshine" (Super Furry Animals)
09 Tally Hall - "Smile Like You Mean It" (The Killers)
10 The M's - "Come Into Our Room" (Clinic)
11 Band of Horses - "The End's Not Near" (The New Year)
12 Chris Holmes "Into Dust" (Mazzy Star)

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Kiddies, don't forget the Marie Antoinette soundtrack contest we have going. If you are interested in winning the 2-disc soundtrack, leave your email address in the comments of the attached post and I will pick a winner next Wed, October 18th. I will probably throw the names out on the ground and have my son pick one - very scientific - so do enter.

And of course, don't forget Marie Antoinette hits theaters Oct. 20th!
Official site and trailer


Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The TEST PILOT are big fans of Architecture in Helsinki and if you are as well, head over to their My Space page to sample songs from the TOUR ONLY remix album, called We Died, They Remixed.

Also preview, 'Do The Whirlwind (Metronomy Remix' from the AiH site
Do The Whirlwind (Metronomy Remix

Monday, October 09, 2006



I have been enjoying the music since the original trailer sent me to iTunes to by the New Order single way back in March. Lucky us, we will now be having a CONTEST to win the 2-CD Soundtrack including songs by TEST PILOT fave the Radio Dept., the Strokes, and of course the original hit makers, Gang of Four and The Cure. (complete tracklist below).

SO... if you are interested, leave your email address in the comments and I will pick a winner next Wed, October 18th. I don't think I get a ton of hits so this might be a chance for you few loyal readers (thanks Greg and Mark!) to win some loot!

And of course, don't forget Marie Antoinette hits theaters Oct. 20th!
Official site and trailer

01. "Hong Kong Garden" - Siouxsie & The Banshees
02. "Aphrodisiac" - Bow Wow Wow
03. "What Ever Happened" - The Strokes
04. "Pulling Our Weight" - The Radio Dept.
05. "Ceremony" - New Order
06. "Natural's Not In It" - Gang of Four
07. "I Want Candy (Kevin Shields Remix)" - Bow Wow Wow
08. "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" - Adam & The Ants
09. "Concerto in G" * - Antonio Vivaldi / Reitzell
10. "The Melody Of A Fallen Tree" - Windsor For The Derby
11. "I Don't Like It Like This" - The Radio Dept.
12. "Plainsong" - The Cure

01. "Intro Versailles"* - Reitzell / Beggs
02. "Jynweythek Ylow" - Aphex Twin
03. "Opus 17" - Dustin O'Halloran
04. "Il Secondo Giorno (Instrumental)" - Air
05. "Keen On Boys" - The Radio Dept.
06. "Opus 23" *- Dustin O'Halloran
07. "Les Baricades Misterieuses"* - Francois Couperin / Reitzell
08. "Fools Rush In (Kevin Shields Remix)" - Bow Wow Wow
09. "Avril 14th" - Aphex Twin
10. "K. 213" * - Domenico Scarlatti / Reitzell
11. "Tommib Help Buss" - Squarepusher
12. "Tristes Apprets.." - Jean Philippe Rameau / W. Christie
13. "Opus 36"*- Dustin O'Halloran
14. "All Cat's Are Grey" - The Cure


I tried to write my own words on this band but Pitchfork nails it on the head.

"...if their forthcoming Be He Me album lives up to what this track promises, North Carolina-based Annuals might be the label's best find yet. Like some fantasy hybrid of Animal Collective, the Arcade Fire, and Broken Social Scene, "Brother" opens on a whisper before exploding at the halfpoint with colossal percussion, twisting guitars, feather-fall violins, and exultant, emphatic shouts that puncture the mix like they're trying to break in from another dimension.

Dry Clothes

BUY the album at Amazon or at iTunes.
Annuals MySpace page for tour dates.
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