Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Not a whole heck of a lot of new music is ruffling my feathers these days. Therefore, we turn to other blogs who might be able to point you in a few directions.

iGiF has both new Raconteurs tracks available as mp3's. They were just posted this week and are only streaming on the Raconteurs website. If you are a fan of Jack White and Ben Benson, you are probably aware of this supergroup's new effort, available first as a 7" with the above songs on March 7th.

GvB has a list of the top 7 songs that tickled his pickle this past month. This is a new feature Chris hopes to employ so you can check back in at the end of every month and get the good stuff.

Dodge has got all kinds of crazy good going over at My Old Kentucky Blog. First up are the B-Sides to Gorillaz latest EP, Bill Murray and Spitting Out The Demons. Next, via Best Foot Forward, MOKB got his hands on the latest (if not all?) the Gnarls Barkley demos that have hit the web. I am not sure what this album sound will finally churn out - here's hoping.


THE BAND:Micah was raised in a fundamentalist Christian household, and at the age 19 he met the widow of a rockstar - a former Vogue cover model. This woman was also his downfall. Hinson started living the very bohemian life full of drugs and alcohol abuse. He was later arrested for forging prescriptions. At only 19 he was homeless and broke. He started working on a telemarketing job and in the meanwhile, started writing songs. After having enough material he teamed up with some friends and recorded 'and the gospel of progress'. He was 22 when he finally released this album. (From Motel De Moka

THE SOUND: As wild as it may seem to me, there has to be something said for the people who can live 3 or more lifetimes before they even turn 25. Micah seems to be one of those people and his music tells the story. Whether he is talking about 'the Muse' that inspired him to write 'and the gospel of progress' or her turn into the 'Black Widow' that led him down a dark, deserted road and the recording of 'the baby and the satellite''. Micah's songs and his voice of a man worn down (he is only 24!!!) remind me of a Johnny Cash or Elliot Smith - someone who has seen brighter days but can't look past the darkness.

mp3 - The Leading Guy
mp3 - Stand In My Way

Saturday, January 28, 2006


THE BAND:"Hard-Fi are the product of their suburban West London environment, the sound of twenty-something gun-slingers on minimum wage. A band weaned on the concrete glamour of The Stones, Dexys, Curtis Mayfield and Happy Mondays - the perfect soundtrack to the night out that starts with a new set of Adidas on Thursday, struts and staggers through the weekend and somehow ends up a bloody mess just off the M4 on Tuesday morning." From the bands myspace page.

THE SOUND: These guys first came to my attention on the HELP: A Day in the Life album, singing a slow rocker called 'Help Me Please'. I was at first reminded of Snow Patrol, with the melancholy lyrics of love wanting to stick around. Further research revealed the track 'Cash Machine', that starts off like a Gorillaz track before rolling into the sound they describe - the soundtrack to your weekend, getting trashed, waking up and doing it all over again. Hopeully more tracks by these guys will round out there sound and form a solid bridge from the beauty of 'Help me Please' and the weekend starter 'Cash Machine'.

mp3 - Help Me Please EXPIRED
mp3 - Cash Machine

Thursday, January 26, 2006


THE BAND:Film School are a quintet hailing from San Francisco who began life as a group of like-minded musicians writing and producing music by themselves for themselves. Hungry unrestrained guitars and loud driven drumbeats with a sound as brooding, atmospheric and self-contained, as it is explosive and infectious. Together they create a majestically epic, sonic suffused wall-of-sound, laced with such unprecedented fervour and conviction it transcends the early-eighties alternative spirit it sometimes recalls, delivering something unequalled and inimitable. (All from their UK label, Beggars Banquet.)

THE SOUND: Another band that has a great, new and different sound. They bring a air of ambient Interpol, with swilring vocals and guitars as well as solid beats. Moody rock for the soul.

Check out their mini-player at Beggars Banquet where you can preview 4 tracks and download Pitfalls.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


THE BAND:When I first got a email from this band, I was expecting a female...and maybe a old, spirited female with a name like Ester. But I digress. Ester Drang has spent much of their time waiting in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, for some love, playing their elegant and arty songs to a rather modest following. Jade Tree stepped up to the plate to get the word out and signed the band in early 2003, providing a home for their "swinging-door guitar lines, hollowed out drum beats and synth-covered yearnings, while allowing the group to deliver their visions with Technicolor radiance".

THE SOUND: I have heard of SO many references to compare this music to but only know of a few of them. From Sufjan Stevens (two members of Ester Drang backed Sufjan on Illinois), The Notwist, Boards of Canada to Flaming Lips, it sounds like these guys have the field covered. Their latest album Rocinate came out January 24th with "more patented synth-dripped rhythms, throbbing percussion, rising horns and post-gazer grandeur".

mp3 - Valencia's Dying Dream
mp3 - Come Back Alive
mp3 - The Greatest Thing
mp3 - Dead Man's Point of View

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

LATE GUEST (at the party)

THE BAND:Not a lot of info to go off of this band that sent me their EP from Italy. They've been together since 2002 when they decided to "kill the Italian music scene with their stupid sound". Influenced by Sonic Youth, the Liars, Bloc Party and Rapture, they produce what they call "80's indie funny music in disco clothes with expensive drinks".

THE SOUND: Though I only listen to just a few of LG(ATP)'s influential bands, these guys sound most like We Are Scientists to me. Rock music meant to be loud, constant and somewhat danceable. Be sure to check out their MySpace page for more info, tracks and pictures.

mp3 - Carl Lewis Versus the Party EXPIRED
mp3 - Deep Fried For 20 Minutes - in Boiling Oil and Then Trashed EXPIRED

Monday, January 23, 2006


THE BAND:MAN - posting on bands so new that much doesn't exist on them sure makes it easy. Oh No! Oh My! used to be called The Jolly Rogers, but then there were other bands with that name, so they chose their new name from a Robot Ate Me song. Here they are with a batch of new songs under the new moniker. Their album (which is currently just a CD-R) comes with 9 strong tracks of indie pop. They released another record under the Jolly Rogers name and it's equally as good. If you want one, all you have to do is GO HERE! and then to shop. For a BUCK FIDDY (!!!) they will send you their latest stash on a handwritten CD-R.

THE SOUND: For the life of me, I could not put these guys in a box. 'Walk in the Park' has a catchy 60's-Euro vibe that makes you just want to sit back and forget your worries. The song is simple yet catchy as hell and just idling for a car company to use it in a spot. 'I Have No Sister' is 80's keyboard simplicty with some handclaps. 'I Love You All The Time' starts out with a techno backbeat before flipping it over to a flute and guitar sing-along and then right back. One of the most varied sounds I have heard yet, songs that sound like they would easily fit on a Wes Anderson soundtrack. Heard it from I Guess I'm Floating

mp3 - Walk In The Park EXPIRED
mp3 - I Have No Sister EXPIRED
mp3 - I Love You All The Time EXPIRED

Saturday, January 21, 2006


THE BAND:Not much is available on the roots of this band. All I can really find is this bizarre article on their label's website, Future Farmer, (that is HELL to navigate, by the way), about their 2004 release, ...It Falls Apart. "This was supposed to be 'For Stars' major label debut after 3 previous releases, all with critical acclaim. What started out as a great pop record, grew darker and darker yet. The band did what they could, adding their parts but realizing the album had taken on a life of it's own. 'For Stars' ultimately let go and made a record that is about the band not knowing where they are or which direction they are going. It was not what they set out to do but they decided to just let it be."

Ooohh, spooky! That should give you some insight into....

THE SOUND: Thanks to Test Pilot Mark for bringing this band to my attention. However, all I have been able to unearth on this band is a track called 'There Was A River', off of their 2001 album, We Are All Beautiful People. After listening a few times to this great song, they come across like a U.S. version of Sigur Ros. Anyone who can pull of something in that vein definitely has some talent so be sure to give it a listen.Very moody and haunting. iTunes has all of their albums available for download as well for further sampling and buying.

mp3 - There Was A River EXPIRED

Friday, January 20, 2006


THE BAND:I am having trouble digging up much on these fellers. Other than knowing they formed in Seattle, are the most recent signing of the Seattle Sub-Pop label, and that their debut album, 'Everything all the Time', is due out March 21st, I can't tell you much more. Oh wait, they did open for Iron & Wine last summer, if that clues you into some of their sound. Another question: are they Band of Horses, as the blogs seems to think, or just Horses, as their website says....?

THE SOUND: Though I don't know if you could necessarily call it My Morning Jacket-lite, that is my best descirption for them. I guess they really are more like MMJ-core, harkening back to the MMJ days of folk/country/psychadelia sound and mellow rock turned POWER ROCK, along with the whole vocal chamber thing and all. Both these tracks are KILLER and make them one of my BANDS TO WATCH - 2006. Keep your ears open for these guys in March.

mp3 - Funeral EXPIRED
mp3 - St. Augustine EXPIRED

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


THE BAND: "The Early Years vision is to create washes of psychedelic guitar noises meshed in with feedback, drones, distortion and wah set against a strong metronomic beat." Basically, what they call 'Space Rock'.

THE SOUND: These guys are starting to create some swell over in the UK, getting much attention on the BBC Radio 1. Their single 'All Ones and Zeros' was just officially released January 16th after much hype over the pre-release. 'All Ones and Zeros' reminds me of the Secret Machines tracks like 'Now Here is Nowhere' and 'First Wave Intact' - lots of noise, fuzz and feedback, yet with even more limited vocals. I can't get my hands on a mp3 to share at this point so all I can offer is their myspace page with the lead single as well as the track 'Things'. Check them out there or if you like them SO much, iTunes has two tracks for download.


THE BAND:Tapes n' Tapes info is hard to come by - maybe that is good - keep it a secret. The best I could find to describe the band and the sound is this article from the Chicago Reader, pimping a show they had. "This free-ranging Minneapolis band reminds me of the games kids play in the privacy of their own brains--like where you have to grab hold of another piece of playground equipment before you're allowed to let go of the last one, or where you can't step on the red squares in a tile floor lest the demons get you. On last year's The Loon (Ibid) they stick to an indie-rock base but roam widely within it, .....giving way to xylophones and vocal harmonies. Their songs move along merrily .....but they never abandon one mode until their metaphorical hands are firmly grasping something else. --Monica Kendrick

THE SOUND: I heard of these guys from the always solid Gorilla VS. Bear back in November maybe and the blogs have been giving much love to them. With my usual, three-toed sloth like way of warming up to a band, I finally got hooked, to the point where I actually bought their album from their site! For those who know me, that is a big BIG step. That is a huge step out into unknown after hearing only three songs. That in itself is my recommendation to you for another BANDS TO WATCH - 2006.

While sounding in the Wolf Parade via Modest Mouse route, they kick out the alt-country psych-pop if that does it for you - AND IT WILL. I imagine this music as the soundtrack for modern day cowboy rockers at the end of cattle drive, from the hoe-down party of 'Insistor' to the subte 'Omaha'. Their album 'The Loon', came out in November and that is what they are touring off of while also thanking the blogs every night before they go to sleep for much of their success.

mp3 - Insistor EXPIRED
mp3 - Cowbell EXPIRED
mp3 - Omaha EXPIRED

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


THE BAND:From the makers of DANGER MOUSE comes this thrilling, brand new funky beat!!! At least that's how I hope they promote this album. It was announced in April last year that Goodie Mob member Cee-Lo and DJ Danger Mouse, of 2005 fame following the 'Grey Album', producer of latest Gorillaz album as well as 'Danger Doom' with MF Doom) have teamed up to release an album under the name Gnarls Barkley. "We are the perfect combination," Cee-Lo stated. "This album is one of the best platforms for me to express all of me. I get to expand my range and hit all categories from Urban, Crossover, Pop and Rock & Roll. Danger Mouse's production is so futuristic and my lyrics are used as a vehicle to bring it home."

THE SOUND: Gorilla VS Bear was the first to bring this super-duo to my attention. I was a big fan of the Grey Album but after having high hopes for the 'Danger Doom' concept and never digging it, I am suspicious of this new collaboration. HOWEVA, the first single to leak, 'Crazy', blew me away. Solid hit with a smoove beat and what I thought was a sample, is real vocals. After hearing that, I sought more. Well, just yesterday, the new tracks hit the blogs, known simply as Untitled #1 and Untitled #2. Unfortunately, neither of them packed the punch that 'Crazy' does and I hope this doesn't swing the way of 'Danger Doom'. I still have high hopes for a solid album to come out in 2006 so we shall see. Stay tuned to Gnarls Barkley's home page for futher details.

mp3 - Crazy
mp3 - Untitled 2

Monday, January 16, 2006


THE BAND:Do not be fooled, young Test Pilots! All apologies to Metal Hearts singer Flora Wolpert-Checknoff (on the right), but that picture up there totally looks like 2 dudes. The sound even comes off like 2 dudes. We need to get some new promo shots, STAT! Anyways, Flora Wolpert-Checknoff and Anar Badalov were 2 Balitmore natives who met through "a sexy Greek friend" and while not liking each other initially, took that relationship into the recording studio - cross that - basement, and dropped a "mope-addled dose of bedroom rock" on yo' ass. "...all through blended waves of layered finger picking, sparse drum loops, stringed accompaniments and distinctive vocal melodies that weave in-and-out from the duo’s respective extremes." Wow - that is a mouthful.

THE SOUND: This track released by the wonder duo reminds me a lot of a slo-core Pinback. Downbeat melodies, slow tempo and minimal acoustics get this track grooving at just the right amount. I know I have seen more mp3's posted by this band lately as I think the their label is trying to start the word-of-mouth engine. Check out elbo.ws for the other tracks now floating about as well as their myspace page to prep yourself for their album, releasing February 21st.

mp3 - Socialize


I wasn't aware of it last year, but the SXSW music festival has it's own blog, See You In The Pit, that just opened again for the 2006 shows.

If you are going to the shows and want some insight on the bands you might see OR if you can't afford to leave your wife and son behind like me, THIS IS THE BLOG TO SEE!!! Good synop's on the bands as well as FREE endorsed MP3's. All is good little ones.
Heard it from Large Hearted Boy

Saturday, January 14, 2006


THE BAND:After forming just out of college, these guys shot out of the gate with a record deal with indie label Kitchenware , going to them for less of an advance but the ability to keep their work close to chest. Much props for that. Acclaim was soon to follow, with critics and fans going nuts for these guys, selling out their 7' single, 'Bullet's in two days and now selling for $30 on eBay. Drawing on their love of bands such as early REM, Echo and the Bunnymen, Elbow and Doves, they formed their sound. Their big debut in UK came over the summer with the Back Room, (still yet to release in the states). Since then they have gone on to play the big festivals and have garnered attention from Guy Garvey of Elbow who helped produce a B-side.

THE SOUND: The usual blogosphere trip brought these guys to my attention. With suggestions that they sounded like Interpol and Bloc Party, I gave them a whirl. The band terms their sound as 'Dark Disco' and to me, they sound more like the Killers=disco with Interpol vocals=dark, no less creating a great sound. While I still think their songs need to to make a deeper connection to gain more fans, if you are looking for something new and in the vain of a Euro Interpol, give these guys a look see.

***BONUS*** If you like these guys a lot, and have a Dime A Dozen account, their KCRW performance from January 17th (ONLY 2 DAYS AGO!) is available. Good stuff.

mp3 - Munich EXPIRED
mp3 - Lights EXPIRED
mp3 - Someone Says EXPIRED

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Though I have never been a huge fan of Richard Ashcroft, I wanted to pass along that I Guess I'm Floating has exclusive preview tracks of his new album, Keys to the World, available for download. The album is not out until January 23rd and amazon.com isn't even listing it yet so I guess all you can do is debut these tracks and form some opinions like the good little consumer that you are.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


THE BAND: DIVERSITY ROCKS! After lead Siddhartha "Sid" Khosla, landed a deal with the new Union Records, he started bringing the band together with a wealth of melodic influences - the vocal melodies of Bollywood, the guitar-pop austerity of the UK, and the crisp, open tones of the West Coast. In their sound you find plenty of the latest British pop rearing its head, with nods to Coldplay and the Starsailor/Keane/Snow Patrol set. Roll all that up and put a gloss on it that sounds like a captured piece of LA (really, it sounds like Southern California), and the result is something that seems to play both sides of the fence. Played right - a key appearance here, a soundtrack single there, and the must see O.C. moment - Goldspot has the potential to bridge both the adult contemporary radio world and the trend-watching indie scene without having to "sell out". (Cut from Popmatters review).

THE SOUND: On the first tracks of theirs I heard, "The Guard" and "Rewind", Goldspot sound a lot like Turin Brakes vocals and simple guitars with a bit of Travis arrangements included. Listening to more tracks by them, ("Timebomb", "It's Getting Old", and "Friday") it is clear that while the songs have been carefully produced and are ready for the radio, they are still indie and organic, just sad enough to be caring without bringing in the puppy dog eyes and drama.

Buy their most recent album Tally of the Yes Men.

mp3 - The Guard EXPIRED
mp3 - Rewind EXPIRED

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

the YEAR of the DOG

Hmmm. Apparently back in 2001, our boy Sufjan Stevens went Connor Oberst on us, dabbling his folk stylings with electronic noise (Enjoy Your Rabbit)! Exclamation mark indeed! While he doesn't really sing full vocals on this track, just humming in here and there, I can't say I am a fan. I would be interested to hear what this entire album sounds like. For now, embrace this mp3 dedicated to this Chinese new year, Year of the Dog.

See the Pitchfork review here.
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